SPASMODIQUE gigs NOT cancelled

  • February 5, Worm, Rotterdam, 2 shows

    - Tickets to early show Worm, Rotterdam

    - Tickets to late show Worm, Rotterdam

  • January 28, Victorie, Alkmaar (SOLD OUT)


Spasmodique – City Park Murders


The illustrious City Park Murders is Spasmodique's first recording since their album SIX (2016). A dark murder mystery in traditions of earlier Spasmodique songs such as The Small World and Harbourtown, where the band also show their darkest side musically. The accompanying video is a collaboration between Mark Ritsema and the makers of the well-known Adrian Borland-documentary Walking In The Opposite Direction (2016), Marc Waltman and Jean-Paul van Mierlo. An equally mysterious tribute to the grubby cult video nasties full of cheap horror and visual obscurity, which you could rent for home entertainment at the video store in the 1980s.













City Park Murders – Spasmodique

(Written by Spasmodique)


Filmed and directed by Marc Waltman / Boegbeeld Videoproducties

Produced by Jean-Paul van Mierlo / Stichting Opposite Direction


Many thanks to Amy & Esther Abdala


Copyright: Spasmodique / Stichting Opposite Direction 2021

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