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You sucked up the man
left the remains
on the couch with his memories
and his tears
then you've been looking for love
in a nest of ants
looking for true love
in a nest of ants

Oh, you've been facing every mirror
in the bars where you hung out
and every man who looked for a one night stand
you rejected without doubts
...every one night stand rejected without doubts

You shouldn't hang out
in a place like this
when you're looking for someone
to melt down
each smile gets thrown back in your face
or just dissolves into the black walls

This town is full of blown-up arrogance
full of martyrs and crows
but dust is what they really are
and what they're sticking up their noses
...dust is what they're sticking up their noses

He's been calling out for love
but then, he hasn't called for you
and if he called out for your love
he wasn't calling out the truth
...true love's not a thing that you call out for


Maybe I'm mistaken but I could have sworn
that I saw you walking by last night
through the narrow streets that I look upon
you were almost like one with the crowd
and I had to look away to remember you
how you were in the good old days
for then you didn't walk but lifted up from the ground
and floated like a saint
Strong were the terms
that argued with my doubts
how strong were the terms
that put you on the ground?

Save me, I've been to far gone i
save me, when I'm to far gone
And I haven't been so well lately
the summerheat's been going to my head
trapped by this fever I spend the days
in my room in loneliness
and when I'm asleep I can't seem to stop
to dream of the good old days
and how you lifted up from the ground
and floated like a saint
Strange were the ways
of the crowd that passed by
how strange were the ways
that made you pass by?
Save me, I've been to far gone
and I've been blinded by the light
black holes haunt my memories
but you're there all the time


Briny oceans, they surround
this castle of loneliness 
solid and unbeatable
but brittle from inside ,
briny oceans deeply sigh
roar before they take 
and grey is the colour ,
where rest will be found
for those who are in pain

Tension's growing day by day
on the hallways of this ship
it's getting colder day by day
on this so called mystery trip
captain doesn't bother
he stands tall on the campaign
and sailor's graves await us
where the ice-rocks colour grey

Captain me Moses

Briny nothings, they surround
this cabin where I tried
to remember your face, the way it was i
on the day I left you behind
briny tears, secretly shed
on this steamer of despair
I stare down from the front-deck
there is peace awaiting there

Captain me friend


In the sick rain of december's hell
the entrance of a pale, white ghost
you sighed and gave him your dumbest grin
trying to analyse his eyes

And the rhythm of your heartbeat
faded and than stopped

Gaping wounds from head to toe
are showing allover your body now
I guess that will teach you from now on
not to intrude upon dreams

The rhythm of your heartbeat
faded and than stopped

An invitation to the cellar of roses
where love and hate melt into one
let's hate and love like lovers do

I'll be your humble son

Let's capture the witch, make her confess
and burn her to the grave i!
let's hate and love like lovers do

I'll be your humble slave

Sheila, you're a whore


As the room becomes chilly
and the darkness falls sudden
in the silence we smoke
at the break of the morning
your eyes become red
and. secrets revealed

As the foreigner enters
confesses his love
you dare not to look
as he gives you the money
lays down on the bed
and closes his eyes

Each problem causes other problems
each confession another mystery
each raise of your voice, each helpless move
all the pam of the world that you show in prayers 

I could be the saviour
or the beat of your nightmares
or a sailor you'd write to
when you're lonely at night
in a crowded harbour
in oppressive heat
he'll drink to much
sings for you, sings for you

And as I take my position
in front of the window with the broken light
your shadow flickers under the neon sign
and the sign it reads Barracuda


Terror against a blind wall
blood was running down
sparkling teeth
the street was nearly empty
action, a sweaty hand
prevents a sound I
from the mouth of the daughter
raped by father

Darkness falls in, the cross is on fire
I lie in a cage and wait for a sign
Blue eyed hero bites the dust ;
with his head in the clouds
someone feels the need i
for someone to talk to
masked men relive the dark age
wine was going round
as they were sacrificing I
virgins to The Beast

Silence disturbed, telephone rings
I lie in a cage and think of nothing
In suspense when nothing happens
in suspense the body shakes
in suspense when you can't move
in suspense the mind always wakes

Preparing myself, the feeling grows
sit in my cage...ready to go!


In return your emotions,
because I don't want to feel them anymore I
in return the laughs we had
because I don't think it's funny anymore
in return the dreams we had
because I don't want to live them anymore
in return the darkened sights
and all the words, the tender and the sore

Go to my room
see me there
go to my room
there's nothing left 

Fear or boredom ,
out of nothing this whole feeling conquered me !
you said that you understood
but I believe that through .the tears you couldn't see
promised to speak to you
but I guess it's lost its reason to what for
in return the memories
because I don't want to remember anymore

Go to my room
see me there
go to my room
there's nothing left
In return the memories
because I don't want to remember anymore




Lost and forgotten 
the two of us
the radio plays 
recent nameless tunes !

You say:'I don't care
about your despair ,
the smell of rotting bodies
in the dunes



The howling wind
is speaking the truth
we are ill
a dangerous zone

To break the silence
you start to sing
oh, how I wish
I were alone




in the morning he wrote the epilogue
of words that were
and were not said in the night
spoke in terms of violence
gave you no answers
analysed the politeness
in our listening
and you re- infected
the wounds that were almost healed
I guess it's gonna be
'starting all over again ,




Now that the emptiness has fallen
now that the silence found its way

I recall the things that never happened
fill my glass while waiting for the day
Now that the heroes with their blue eyes
sit down and turn their heads to you
enter my world and find me waiting
wondering if you are waiting to

I told you stories in the skintrade
you smiled and looked me in the eyes
just for a moment and than found the ground again
a sigh of bitterness and the moment...
it had died...

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