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The river springs and the river runs
from the mountains full of corpses and rusted guns
cools the nude bodies of Adam and Eve
irrigates the apple tree

The river runs deep and the valley is long
plagues and tribulations it brings along
a feast of flagellants, converted prayers
Moloch, Satan, Lucifer

Now you don't love us anymore
Why won't you love us anymore?

The valley is dark and the valley is long
ghost ships drifting in the evening sun
the dead awake in their caves and tombs
Monday, Tuesday, Day of Doom  

You don't love me anymore
Why won't you love me anymore?  

The river runs dry and river runs deep
the river gives life and takes casualties
the river is false and the river is fair


What once were glorious facades
had crumbled down to pieces on the side-walks
we sat ourselves down on the fragments
and shared the bottle we brought

Under the pavement the gurgling of the swamp
it seemed you wanted me, I wasn’t sure
beams of headlights shun then disappeared
on our l’amour sans l’amour

Your dress moved up so easily as we silently consumed

Remember days when I was legion
a continental army of ants
now I wake up and I can’t seem to move
as you tightly cling to my back

This could be Moscow, this could be Berlin
This could be my traveling head

The saints march into Spiritville
with golden aureoles
in prayers they condemn us to hell
we’ve got nowhere to go

This could be Brussels or Rotterdam
This could be my traveling mind  

You’ve never been to Spiritville
so how could you know
your pretty face is falling apart
but I still want you so

You’ve never been in Spiritville
so how could you know
you’ve changed to someone else each time
you come and you go


The sun deserts the dying town
the moon breaks through a bank of clouds
the river crawls like a killer snake
gleaming pass the burning embankment

The ritual will soon begin
as semi-gods look down and grin
a shaman simulates a rage
on the verge of the Everyday of Judgement

Bonfires built of furniture
wooden icons, fetishes
crucifixes spark as they burn
get your blessings while you still can

No, the river doesn't know
she innocently flows  

Tooth ache martyrs by the burger place
pray to Diana before the chase
living rats on meat hooks scream
Maria pulls her coat and shivers

Alcoholics throwing empty cans
to a lustless orgy on a garbage bank
Dionysus undecided
sacrificing virginal livers

No, the river doesn't know
She innocently flows  
No, the river doesn't know
disguises what is thrown
secrets are unknown
devour what is given

A dead policeman by the Northern bridge
faced down in a bath of foam and piss
Berserkers dressed in cloaks of sheep
kneel down to be baptised and to be forgiven    

A rain has come over this world
Maria shelters in a near by porch
the hum of motors, the scent of oil
riders approaching in the distance



Office tower dissolving in a greyish fog
like the last impregnable fortress of a conquered city
on the sidewalk outside the guarded entrance
every cigarette butt tells a lonely story
Smoking in the portico with jacket open wide
casually smiling to the young birds passing by  
smoke resisting slowly in the afternoon chill
if the smoking doesn’t get him the winter winds will

Outside the diner, a small crowd gathered in fumes
exiled from the beautiful people inside
sensual rhythms come floating from the open window
but the next drag is the next thing on his mind

Take me to the country where the lakes are veiled in fog
I’ll be running through the long grass with my Rhodesian dog
spacious clouds reflecting the ancient emptiness
where the Fishers of Men will sort out their catch

He sees their spirits in the smoke clouds, the rumbling of his lungs
is a slow collapsing building, a madrigal gone wrong
he will be aiming for a new life, the next one starting soon
but his fever is increasing and the city is in ruins

I’ve got a Muscovite daughter
she’s got a disturbed mind
and when she’s finished fucking around
she’l be my Muscovite bride

My Ukrainian son
he sleeps from morning ‘till noon
but when he wakes he’s going to be
my Ukrainian groom

Displaced under the sheltering bridge
I’m gonna be loved soon
I’m gonna give love soon
I’m gonna be there soon



Someone whispered and growled on a full moon night
how far or near, I couldn't figure out
there was no time for yawning
there was no time for saying commonplace things
Yeah, there was something gnawing at my conscience
until my conscience was dead
forgot how to dance, fell into pagan steps

I slept to the tender quakes of Satan's lullabies
I wept with the forgotten saints and the new naked Christ

I cried without reason and the loss of Kitty's heart
stepped on the brakes of my speeding heart and I just got of

And the madman goes....and he burns

Yeah there were moans and there were crazy desires
a final loss of sense, a final loss of God
free falling forward into the fire
my insides burned entirely

Stood naked in Heaven's darkroom
I cursed the day and cursed the night
I swore, outstared old enemies
I got drunk on plain daylight

And the madman goes...and he burns

Someone whispered and growled on a full moon night
how far or near, I couldn't figure out



Roaming by the dirty river
drowsy state of mind
kicking stones and reminiscing
on all that’s left behind

And all you mourning friends and sisters
floating to the sea
in silence I delete the memories
I hereby set you free

For now is a time to launch
release all that has been
a time to begin

And all your perfumed letters
all those promises and gifts
searching for a trustful haven
towards the sea they drift...    



I was thinking, I was dreaming, I was longing, I was thinking
of how you used me up, baby
I was thinking how love, how true love
is a matter of seconds baby

I go back 1 million years
I go back 2 million years,
I go back 3 million years
I go back and I take you back to the Savanna baby
In the sunlight, in the dry grass
your sweet ass without words, without doubts
like animals we’ll be craving

I thought I heard you listen

Eye for an eye, dream for a dream
the snakes have legs
because God still isn’t angry

Suck the marrow, from a cadaver’s bone
lay down in the pond then take me home
Savanna twilight

The moon is young, and so are you
Savanna Sweetheart
when you were sort of with me
and I was sort of happy

eye for an eye, dream for dream
as we slumber beside
the hyenas and crocodiles

Find us some sleep, on a branch in a tree
dream for a dream in the cool breeze you and me
Savanna twilight

I thought I heard you listen

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