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Gang of boys hang out at the nightclub
by the railway, devoid of daylight
one falls down, along with a barstool
while he crawls, he gasps then he sighs

What are we doing here... waiting...

for the fall down on our heads
waiting... waiting he cried
keep your eyes stuck on the doorpost
waiting for Marguerite to arrive

Marguerite's friends are serving the drinks
the gang it orders with inquiring eyes
yes, she should be here in a minute
said she'd try to make it tonight

What are we doing here... waiting...

for the sunrise...time to go home
for a reason...reason to go home
for the of Marguerite
for the last call for alcohol

Nothing happens...mood just descends
nothing happens, a beer and a cry
is this real, are we waiting for something
us the gang and the years rolling by

Marguerite shows no mercy
why should see, why should she
she's but a promise i
she belongs to the bright side of life
What are we doing here?


Somewhere behind the scenery
of your grey and empty life
a danger hides
ready to awake and rise 
set up a meeting here tonight

You're asleep and I know what you're dreaming
from a distance I control
you're in deep and you know you're failing
when it comes to truth
and measures to be taken, ,

the feeling strong, I never realised 
that there was someone there beside you
watching closely from the corners of his eyes
but the feelIng dIdn't fade
the story didn't end
Itales of you and me
and the ring...

In my hide-out choking slowly 
a thousand cigarettes
from the window to your letter
I sit and hold my breath
in a bar where loners go, drinking 'till the early dawn
she's always smiling, she's your friend
she pours your glass and pours again
cursed and pis sed and pis sed and cursed
chances taken chances missed
if it's all right with you, I suggest one day we'll meet here

I've imagined, I've imagined you beside me
I've imagined, I've imagined in a song
how you're man is coming home someday
finds the note that reads;
'It's over, goodbye'

waiting patiently
waiting unpatiently
god knows you' ll be back
come back, say you will

behind the scenery
of your grey and empty life
a love hides


Way deep down, from below
I'm calling you
faced down to the pavement, dying
calling you
lack of food, lack of sleep
bruised and bleeding (shrill sound escapes me)
way deep down from below
calling you

If you ever change your mind
I'll be there 
to kill a minute of your time

Thrown out of a local bar
with a hard hand
banned by friend, banned and abused
by beloved ones
lost in a nightclub, lost in town
from a gutter hear me howl
calling you, calling you
calling you...

If you ever change your mind
I'll be there
to kill a minute of your time

Blood pulsing down in his shoes
falling down, sing a drunken rhyme
to the rhythm of a fading heartbeat
spitting up blood, wonder why
last effort, looking up to the sky
opens up his mouth... cries

'something dies inside'


Don't know what's come over me?
is it truth or just plain trouble
waving, waving goodbye
to the bodies and the simple life
when it all was just a game
you catch some, you get caught

Which of your faces will you wear
which of your sins, which of your sins
which of the secrets of your past
a stunning dream, a stunning dream
when will you leave, where will it end
or will you stay, will you stay
which of your faces will you wear
a stunning dream, a stunning nightmare

Waving to a shadow in the cab
going home, face the emptiness
going to find' some truth someday, find my way
waving to a shadow in the cab

There was not that much to loose
some worn out visions
some memories, some failling spells
some stuffy books, held to the light like bibles
but no more of this

Because here are you're friends again
they don't take all this rubbish from, you
they want to see you dance 
right here on the table them...


Get aboard on a rainy morning
check in your luggage
get aboard

endless track, imagine her face
imagine her body lying beside you
in a room that's to light, reach for the switch
in the comfortable darkness, reach back, realise
you've turned off the light in her eyes

Get aboard, away from the freaks
away from the madness, a girl from ypur past
is ringing your doorbell, climbs up the stairs
breaks into your bedroom, jumps on the bed
screaming: 'I'm back! ! ! I'm back! ! ! !'

Away from this ugly life
the lover turns his head to the body
saying: 'nothing's changed, nothing's moved, nothing's happened
the world just kept on turning
despite your pretty eyes
the world just kept on turning
'(much to my suprise)'

Endless track, last train to soberness
last train to sanity, you pick up a paper
you read about treason, you look up, wonder
will she be standing there
saying: 'end of the track'


Now there is no one
he who remained kept unseen
the outcast entered central station
now drink to victory

The town stopped breathing
as we stormed the promenade
a desperate sailor tried to stop us
just wanted to get laid

Shuffle through the streets
there is no time to be sorry
shuffle to the band that plays along
behold the skyline
touch it, if you can
ain't no use in staying ,
on the ground

The town stopped breathing
but the folks they partied on ,
their yells echoed against the towers
as a hommage to the fall

You took my hand and smiled at me
I said, let loose for you are free
you looked at my and shook your head 
I'm not that shure is what you said
we dreamed of conquering this town 
tear it up, burn it down
but when the dream came aiive 
I somehow felt that you were right...
HARBOURTOWNIt's cold and the rain comes pouring down 
sadness falls over harbourtown
a lonely woman stands at the side 
of the river, waving her Hans goodbye 

14 drunken sailors wander around 

Headlight shines on the face of a whore 
who's giving head in a parking-lot 
In harbourtown there's no redlight-district 
in the morning she's soaked and complains to her pimp 

14 drunken sailors wander around 

The buildings of glass they roar and howl 
reflect a deserted harbourtown 
the woman seeks for a bar to hide 
from following footsteps that come from behind 

14 drunken sailors wander around 

The body is free, the body it dives 
from a building of glass it floats into the night 
the body is fre.e as it hits the ground 
curtain of blood over harbourtown 

13 drunken sailors sail away 


Lost in a void, in a room
in the comer
wondering what you' re expecting from me
phone remains silent
I wake by the mailbox
wondering what you're next move will be

Once there was the world
'till it closed in on you
then this town started closing in
now there is only this room
to remain in
this room too is closing in on you

Wanting to leave
this place ain't no haven
show me a haven, for a brand new start
window are walls, walls they are screens
showing these ugly memories

In case you might like to know how I'm doing
weak but believing to see you return

In the land of the deformed
I toll the bells
come on, stroke my hunchback baby
and I'm at your command

Don't look sideways
don't be afraid
behold this work of a lesser god
your ugly fate


Go where the action is
go out and have fun
your precious friends
await you where... where?
where the action is!
they're such good help
helping you through...
all through this lonesome night
spilling love, spilling wine
all over your blue jeans
...all over your jeans

Start of a new day
still the heat is on
you're on your knees
in a filthy toilet
throwing up...
every little piece of misery
that's stuck inside of you

I was the young man
at the comer of the bar
I had a question
you could read it in my eyes
they said: 'don't you wanna go?'

don't you wanna go go go!!!


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